artist activist culturalist
Raquel Wilson’s love for all things cultural, matched with her activist spirit make her a secret weapon in a time of creative idea exploration and a growing surge of international social consciousness. An artist and social anthropologist, she harbors a passion for creating opportunities that give the “underdog” a chance at success.

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Featured project

Dream the Planet uses technology to connect young women and girls, ages 9-18, across six continents to work together on finding solutions for common social issues.

Enabling young female leaders to become catalysts for change, Dream the Planet’s mission is to reinforce how young women and girls view themselves as individuals, with a distinct and important place in the worldwide community.

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Latest news

  • New artwork added to gallery

    I recently completed a new digital oil piece entitled “Morning”.

  • Visiting The Stoop

    This weekend I had the opportunity to visit with Brooklyn-based youth organization The Stoop. A program from THE RE:CONSTRUCTION PERIOD™, a community-based organization that develops and cultivates innovative curriculum and programming to support youth organizations, institutions and communities, The Stoop is a weekly conversation connecting successful Brooklyn creative professionals with Brooklyn high school and middle school students.